Feedback vision

In the constantly evolving FMCG business environment, where e-commerce is taking an important place,
customer experience and local communication will be key drivers to develop traffic and in-store sales.

Feedback supports brands and networks in the assessment of their retail-outlet communication and optimisation of Customer Satisfaction.
Feedback gathers all applicable field data to conduct relevant analysis allowing clients keep ahead of competition.



Statistical Methodologies approved by ENSAE. National School of Statistics and Economic administration


National association of marketing professionals created in 1954.


International Organisation for marketing research since 1948.


French Merchandising Institute - established in 1972.

Our ressources


Technical Team

Technical team responsible for recruitment, training, planning, follow-up and analysis of operations.


By professional investigator or consumer community

Feedback Pro : Professional Investigators
A network of 800 professional interviewers for complex audit missions and administration of face to face questionnaires.
Feedback Consumers: Consumer community
A community of 10,000 consumers connected through a dedicated application to perform very fast and simple checks in retail outlets.


Telephone or automated telephone surveys

Feedback Phone : A 15-desk call platform to conduct surveys and mystery calls.
Feedback Call : An interactive voice server for surveys or large-scale audits.


Mail or panel Surveys

Feedback Online : A powerful tool to manage and analyse online polls and surveys.
Feedback Panel : Feedback supports its clients in the setup of dedicated customer panels.

A Dedicated Team

Bertrand Mancel-Bize CEO Feedback Entreprise


After graduating from HEC, Bertrand joined the logistics team of Le Figaro where he immediately grasped the importance of controlling operational processes. Forthwith, he founded Feedback with the objective of addressing control and analysis of field operations set up by advertisers.

Among his various hobbies, Bertrand love discovering diverse cultures and lifestyles around the world as well as finding exciting windsurfing spots.

David Gaillard Feedback Director


Graduated from ESC Dijon, David joined Mars team where he quickly understood the challenges facing industrial actors of FMCG market. He therefore, joined Feedback to develop the field audit services.

On top of that, David is our chief sommelier! He also knows a lot about “Grands Domaines” as well as small producers and would be glad to invite you to taste exceptional wine.

Marylène Herry Key Accounts and International Development Manager


Valedictorian from her Master in International Development (IDRAC), Marylène flew to Spain to develop the sales turnover of a major French brand. Her perfect knowledge of retail and European markets is a real asset, hence Marylène joined Feedback as Export Manager. Today, Marylène supports our customers on French, Spanish and Italian markets.

On a more personal note, Marylène regularly travels in France, Spain and the US, countries she is really passionate about.

Emmanuelle Ohana-Pearon Key Accounts Manager


Emmanuelle started her career in the management of the customer service at Leroy Merlin. After this operational experience, Emmanuelle joined the sales team of an advertising agency to get a holistic vision on the advertiser’s side. She is very much appreciated for her dual operational and commercial expertise.

Whether driving her sports car or on her elliptical bike, it has to go fast with Emmanuelle !

Seyfi Biber Customer Relationship


Seyfi is our young hope. Already a graduate but he continues his studies, in Business Engineering this time, while touring in France for Feedback. Seyfi constantly meets store managers to discuss about Advertising Printout media, the proximity Marketing medium, par excellence.

Inquisitive and fond of good food, Seyfi brings regional food specialties to delight our palates.

Michele De Stefani Operational Manager


For over 15 years, Michele coordinated the distribution of various French newspapers - Le Figaro, France Soir or Liberation -.
His expertise both in logistics and on the field makes Michele the perfect Field survey manager.

When Michele is not on the field, he dedicates time to his passion : painting. He regularly showcases his work in France and Italy.

Nathalie Boucret Analysis Service Manager


After following an Applied Mathematics curriculum, Nathalie obtained a Masters in Mathematical Decision Sciences. She began her career at the CNRS within the sociological lab. She then, applied her mathematical knowledge in the field of marketing at Bayard Presse. Today, Nathalie brings forward her expertise in the analysis of data applied to marketing.

One thing is for sure, you cannot beat her at strategy games that requires some mental arithmetic or logic!

Yanik Di Zio In charge of Recruitment - Training - Marketing animation network


Yanik did his military service as an Auxiliary Constable and integrated the Republican Guard of Paris. In this context, he became Gendarmerie officer before going back to civilian life when he joined the Chœur Français d'Opéra (French Opera Choir), where he orchestrated the Recruitment and Management of teams.

Yanik is Feedback's Head of Recruitment,Training and Marketing animation network. Former policeman, Yanik recruits former officers to conduct field surveys for Feedback.

Our Recruitment Maestro is also an opera singer!

Nathalie Mabin Head of Human Resource


Nathalie supports SMEs in their development and HR organisation. Nathalie, who graduated with a Master in Management with a specialisation in HR, is fond of organising and structuring businesses by creating sustainable processes. She joined Feedback to manage human resources and support the strong growth of the workforce in the company.

When the curtain falls on her daily HR activities, Nathalie, who is also an actress, is frequently up on stage!

Agnès Picard Head of Marketing and Communication


Upon completion of her Master in Communication, Agnès integrated a high-street agency before joining the Communication team of the franchisor Afflelou. For nearly seven years, Agnes actively participated in the Afflelou’s communication strategy and hence, contributing to the double digit growth of the renowned French tycoon!

Agnes was seeking for a new challenge and therefore, joined Feedback but this time with a more stimulating role as the Head Communication and Marketing.

Meanwhile, Agnes who is very fond of new challenges, is a big fan of extreme sports like parachute jump and skydiving.

Gianluca Quartucci Italy Key Account Manager


After graduating with a Master in Economics and Management, Gianluca worked during 15 years as Head of Customer Marketing at Decathlon then Ikea. Subsequently, he joined an Advertising Printouts distribution company who was working with major Italian brands in 2009.

Gianluca's expertise has been a real asset in advising advertisers on how to manage their Catalogue budget since April 2015.

Likewise, Gianluca, who lives in Bologna, enjoys cycling in the beautiful forests of Emilia-Romagna.